Destin-Fort Walton Beach has a new addition to their artificial reef sites that divers will love!  On March 2, 2022, a decommissioned tugboat called the M/V MISS JOANN was deployed. MISS JOANN is a new addition to the almost 400 artificial reefs offshore Okaloosa County making Destin-Fort Walton Beach the perfect place for underwater adventure lovers. The tugboat will join two previously deployed vessels and the site has been named, “The Boatyard.”  The Destin-Fort Walton Beach artificial reef program provides excellent sites for fishing, diving, and snorkeling that are easily accessible to locals and visitors.  The reefs offer guests the opportunity to experience unique underwater adventures. 

 “Artificial reefs are essential to our community that depends heavily on fishing and diving as a recreational activity and tourism product.  We lack the offshore natural reef habitat; therefore, artificial reefs are even more important here.  The MISS JOANN will be a great addition to our artificial reef program and we hope it will be visited by divers and fisherman for years to come.” Alex Fogg, Coastal Resource Manager, Destin-Fort Walton Beach. 

M/V MISS JOANN accompanies two previously deployed vessels, the M/V DYLAN (61 feet) and the M/V BRANNON (65 feet). Due to the smaller sizes of these existing artificial reefs, the MISS JOANN is deployed in close proximity to the existing vessels in 119 feet of water but with 40 feet of relief.  This will provide a shallower option for visitors that don’t wish to dive deeper wrecks.  The reef will provide habitat that supports prized fish species such as Amberjack and Cobia.  If you’re planning a dive trip, you will want to add “The Boatyard” to your itinerary!



30° 07.613’N

86° 23.491’W

Coordinates for all Okaloosa County artificial reefs can be found here.