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Adventure Anywhere: All about weather

Brought to you by Hurlburt Field

It's a meteorologist's job to track and predict the weather, but how do they do that? Find out about storm tracking, build a kite and go on a weather scavenger hunt!

All about weather with a meteorologist!
Snack: Lightning sandwiches  

Sandwich bread
American cheese
Sandwich toppings of your choice

Break your bread into cloud shapes (it’s easier to do this before you make it into a sandwich). Fill your bread with American cheese and whatever toppings you choose. Take an extra slice of cheese and use a knife to cut out a lightning strike. Arrange the sandwich and lightning cheese on a plate and add blueberries as raindrops!


Craft: Make a tornado in a jar 

Glass jar with lid
Dish soap
Blue food coloring
Glitter (optional)

See how winds swirl together by making your very own tornado! Fill a glass jar with water, one squirt of dish soap, a few drops of blue food coloring and glitter.

Seal your jar tightly with the lid and swirl the jar around until a tornado funnel appears! Try to use a larger jar and see if you can make an even bigger tornado!


Storytime: Thunder Cake 
Activity 1: Make a bottle sprinkler 

Empty 2 liter bottle
Male to male adapter (found at home improvement stores)

Step 1) Poke holes into an empty 2 liter bottle with scissors.

Step 2) Screw the male to male adapter onto the top of the bottle, then connect this to your water hose.

Step 3) Hang the bottle and hose over a tree branch or fence and turn on the water for a rain shower!


Activity 2: Build a kite! 

Craft paper (any 8.5 in. x 11 in. paper will work)
Paper straws (2 per kite)
25”-30” long string or twine
20”-25” long light-weight string, twine or ribbon
Ribbon scraps
Glitter glue (optional)


Step 1) Choose two colors of craft paper or color in two pieces of paper with any color/design you like. Cut the two papers in half, lengthwise.


Step 2) Glue the two pieces together and let dry. Trace a kite shape on the paper and cut out the kite.

Step 3) Tie your 25”-30” string onto a straw, about ⅔ the way down. Paste the straw onto the back of the kite.

Step 4) Cut a different straw into three equal pieces. Tie one of the pieces onto the end of your 25”-30” string and secure with glue, this will be your kite handle. Paste the other two straw pieces to the back of your kite using the image below as a guide.


Step 5) To make the kite’s tail, thread the 20”-25” string through the vertical straw. Glue the tail to the inside top of the straw to secure it.


Step 6) Tie some small ribbons to the tail and decorate your kite with glitter. Let dry before you take it out for its first flight!


Activity 3: Weather scavenger hunt!
Download worksheet  
weather activity3

Next up, Chasing rainbows!

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