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Adventure Anywhere: Chasing rainbows

Brought to you by the Emerald Coast Science Center

Have you ever seen a double rainbow? How about a twin rainbow? Learn all about rainbows, light and color with the Emerald Coast Science Center!

Learn about rainbows with the Emerald Coast Science Center!
Snack: Rainbow fruit snack  

Red: Strawberries or raspberries
Orange: Cheddar cheese or oranges
Yellow: Yellow peppers or pineapple
Green: Edamame beans or green grapes
Blue/purple: Blueberries or blackberries
White: Bananas or mozzarella cheese

Cut up your fruits, veggies and cheese. Arrange on a plate in the shape of a rainbow following the rainbow color order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue/purple). Add your white snack at the bottom as clouds!


Craft: Rainbow cloud mobile 

Large piece of cardboard
Cotton balls
7 pieces of string cut into foot long pieces
Clear tape
Red paint
Orange paint
Yellow paint
Green paint
Blue paint
Indigo paint (optional)
Violet paint
Glitter (optional)

Step 1) Cut 21 raindrop shapes out of your cardboard piece. The raindrops don’t have to all be the same size!

Step 2) Paint the raindrop shapes in the colors of the rainbow (three raindrops per color). Let dry and then turn them over and paint the other side. Add glitter to the wet paint for a shinier rainbow.

rainbows craft 1

Step 3) With the remaining cardboard, cut out a cloud shape. Make sure it’s big enough so that you can tape seven strings on the back with about one inch of space in between.

rainbows craft 2

Step 4) Cover the cloud shape with glue and fill it completely in with cotton balls. Let dry.

Step 5) Use clear tape to attach the seven pieces of string onto the back of your cloud. Tape the raindrops onto the pieces of string in rainbow ROY G. BIV order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet!

rainbow craft 3


Storytime: Rainbow 
Activity 1: Create a real rainbow 

Glass of water
White paper
A window with direct sunlight or a flashlight
Small mirror that fits inside a glass

Lay the white paper down flat on a table. Make sure the table is close to a window with direct sunlight. Hold your glass of water in front of the window. Move it side to side until you can see the rainbow on your piece of paper.

If you have a small mirror, try the same exercise with the mirror inside the glass of water, tilted at an angle.

Don’t have direct sunlight? That’s ok! You can still make a rainbow by going into a dark room and using a flashlight as your sunlight.


Make a rainbow in a jar 

Activity 2: Word search - Find all the rainbow words!
Download worksheet  
rainbow search


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