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Adventure Anywhere: Discover dolphins!

June Week 2: Brought to you by Smile N’ Wave Sailing Adventures

We can't get enough of our most playful Gulf residents–dolphins! Learn a ton of dolphin facts, make a delicious dolphin-shaped snack and then head outside to play Dolphin Simon Says!

Discover dolphins with Captain Pam!
Thursday, 6/11 @ 9am CDT: Tune-in for a Facebook live Q+A with dolphin expert, Captain Pam! 

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Snack: Banana dolphin-shaped snack  

Clear plastic cups
Berries of any kind
Goldfish crackers
Black marker

Cut off ¼ of the banana, leaving the stem intact. Create the dolphin’s mouth by cutting a small slit into the stem. Draw two dots on the banana to create the dolphin’s eyes and then put the banana in a cup. Fill the cup with your choice of berries, goldfish and place a goldfish or berry in the dolphin’s mouth!


Craft: Egg carton dolphins 

Egg carton
Blue paint
Blue cardstock paper
Blue pipe cleaner
Googly eyes
Black marker
Tacky glue
Craft knife (for adult use only)

Step 1) Cut your egg carton into individual sections.

Step 2) Paint the sections with your blue paint and let dry.

Step 3) Cut a small “X” in the top of each section, using the craft knife.

Step 4) Cut the blue pipe cleaner in half, bend both pieces in half and twist together. Once secure, push the pipe cleaners through the hole and curl the ends to create the dolphin’s blowhole.

Step 5) Use the blue cardstock to cut out a dolphin tail and fins.

Step 6) Glue the tail and fins to the egg carton (for the tail you can fold the end and glue this piece to the inside of the carton.) Glue on your dolphin’s eyes and draw a mouth! (We prefer a big dolphin smile!)


Storytime: Winter’s Tail 
Activity 1: Dolphin Simon Says 

dolphin activity

Head outside and play Simon Says: the dolphin way! Choose one player to be Simon and they can give the dolphin directions. Ex: Simon Says wag your tail!

If Simon doesn’t say “Simon Says” before the direction and they trick a player into doing the dolphin move, then that player becomes Simon!

Dolphin direction examples, feel free to make up your own!

  • Wag your tail
  • Make a dolphin noise
  • Do a dolphin jump
  • Swim through the waves
  • Catch a fish
  • Eat a fish
  • Do a silly dolphin dance

Activity 2: Word search - Find all the dolphin words!
Download worksheet  
dolphin search

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