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Adventure Anywhere: Fish in the Gulf

June Week 1: Brought to you by Captain Brandy Miles + Alex Fogg

How many types of fish live in the Gulf? A LOT. Learn about our resident fish friends, make live bait dirt pudding and head outside to practice casting! 

Learn about fish with Charter Captain Brandy Miles and Alex Fogg.
Snack: Live bait dirt pudding  

Chocolate pudding (pre-made or make your own!)
Gummy worms
Plastic bag

In small bowls, divvy up your chocolate pudding into single servings. Crush your Oreos in a plastic bag and sprinkle on top (this will be your dirt). Add some gummy worms to the top and enjoy your live bait!


Craft: Paper roll fish 

Toilet paper roll
Orange and white card stock paper
Paint, a few colors
Paint palette or paper plate
Glue or hot glue gun
Cork or googly eyes
Black permanent marker
Glitter (optional)

fish craft 1

Step 1) Pick a paint color and mix it with white to make a tint.

fish craft 2

Step 2) Paint your toilet paper roll with the tint and decorate with glitter or fun designs. This will be your fish body.

fish craft 3

Step 3) Paint your fin and tail on a piece of white cardstock using the image below as a guide.

fish craft 4

Step 4) Cut out the fin and tail shapes. Cut strips into your tail using the image below as a guide.

fish craft 5

Step 5) Glue your fish body to its tail by inserting the tail and pressing down on the tube. Cut the corners of your fish body.

fish craft 6

Step 6) Use cork and black marker or googly eyes for the fish eyes and glue to either side of the fish body.

fish craft 7

Step 7) Glue on your fish fins. Cut a thin strip of orange paper and glue to the front opening for fish lips!

fish craft 8


Storytime: The Only Fish in the Sea 
Activity 1: Hula hoop casting practice 

Hula hoop
Long stick
String or yarn
Small plastic toy

Create your practice rod by finding a long stick and tying a long piece of string or yarn to the end. Make sure you tie the string on tight! Tie a small toy to the end of your string, this will be your bait (and help weigh down the string).

Find an open area outside and place your hula hoop a few feet away from you. Cast your rod, trying to get your bait into the hula hoop. To make it more difficult, tie an even longer string to your rod and move the hula hoop farther away!

Activity 2: Find the fish in the Gulf 

2 Under the sea worksheets
Blue rice (learn how to dye rice here)
Large clear bowl or tupperware container
Clear packing or scotch tape

Step 1) Print out two under the sea worksheets. Put one aside and use the other to cut out the creatures, leaving some white space around each one.

Step 2) Next, “laminate” the creatures by covering each one with clear tape. Trim the tape as needed.

Step 3) Pour your blue rice into the clear container and hide the creatures in the rice.

Step 4) Using the second worksheet, try to find all of the marine animals (and mermaid!), circling each one as you discover them!


Activity 3: Okaloosa Pier Fishing Game 

Next up, All about reefs!

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