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Adventure Anywhere: Kayak and paddleboard fun!

June Week 4: Brought to you by Island Watersports

You can't be bored on a paddleboard. Take a kayak and paddleboard lesson with Island Watersports, make a popsicle stick kayak and work on your balance with water or land paddleboard yoga!

Learn how to kayak and paddleboard with Lee Pardue!
Snack: Cucumber paddleboards  

Carrot sticks
Cheese slices
Lifesaver candies
Ranch dip
Cherry tomatoes

craft 1

Step 1) Slice cucumber into ¼” thin slices (longways) to create the paddleboard base.

craft 2

Step 2) Spread ranch dip on each cucumber slice.

craft 3

Step 3) Cut cheddar cheese into rectangle-shaped slices to fit on top of the cucumber slices.

craft 4

Step 4) Add a Lifesaver “float” on one side of the cucumber.

craft 5

Step 5) Peel and cut carrots into sticks and place on top of your paddleboards.

craft 7

Step 6) Add halved cherry tomatoes on each side of the carrot stick to complete the paddles.
(You can add some ranch dip to make them stick!)

craft 8

Craft: Popsicle stick kayaks 

Popsicle sticks
Markers or paint
Jumbo popsicle sticks (optional)

Step 1) Use the markers to color 30 popsicle sticks. (You can also paint your popsicle sticks but they will need time to dry!)

Step 2) Lay 10 popsicle sticks at an angle. Place glue on two new popsicle sticks and lay them on either side of the 10 sticks.

craft 1

Step 3) Continue to glue and stack your popsicle sticks, alternating gluing them to the sides of your kayak or the top and bottom. Continue until you’ve used all 30 sticks. Let dry.

craft 2

Step 4) Add a jumbo popsicle stick as a paddle for your toy kayaker!

craft 3

Step 5) Place in a sink, tub or baby pool and watch your kayak in action! (Note, due to the materials the kayak won’t last long in water but it does float!)


Storytime: Yellow Kayak 
Activity 1: Water or land paddleboard yoga 

Paddleboard, yoga mat or towel
Room to move!

Don’t have access to water? Lay out a yoga mat or towel on a flat surface outside. Follow these paddleboard yoga poses or make-up your own! Pretend the ground around your mat is water, like you’re on a paddleboard. Don’t fall in!

Yoga pose #1: Forward Bend
Bend over at the waist, reaching for your feet. Let your arms swing around like jellyfish and stretch!

Yoga pose #2: Downward-Facing Dog
Put both palms onto your mat and step your feet back. Create an upside-down V shape with your body and let your head relax.

Yoga pose #3: Upward-Facing Dog
Start by laying on your belly and putting your hands under your shoulders. Now push up and straighten your arms.

Yoga pose #4: Boat
Sit on your mat and lift up your legs, stick your arms straight out as if you were trying to touch your toes. Rock back and forth like a boat!

Yoga pose #5: Happy Baby
Lay on your back and bring your knees into your chest. Grab onto your feet and roll back and forth!

For even more yoga moves, you can follow this paddleboard yoga video!


Activity 2: Maze - Help the paddleboarder navigate the bay!
Download worksheet  

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