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Adventure Anywhere: Let's go camping!

June Week 3: Brought to you by Henderson Beach State Park

What's better than roasting marshmallows over a campfire? Learn all about camping from a real park ranger, create a kid-safe lantern and then build a tent!

All about camping with Henderson Beach State Park
 Q+A with a park ranger!


Snack: Mini campfires  

Pretzel sticks
Block of cheddar cheese

Step 1) Start by cutting several grapes in half. Put them in a ring around your cracker, flat side down. These are your campfire stones.

Step 2) Cut a small section of cheese and slice triangles out of the top so that it looks like flames. Place the flames in the center.

Step 3) Break a few pretzel sticks in half (smaller if you need) and line your logs around the fire.

Step 4) Cozy up and have a campfire snack!



Craft: Kid-safe lantern 

Empty plastic peanut butter jar (with lid)
Plastic bowl (use an old bowl)
Craft or spray paint (just needs to sticks to plastic)
13 in. -16 in. piece of cotton rope or ribbon
Flameless tea light
Small velcro dot (can also use glue)
Colorful tissue paper
Large piece of wax or parchment paper (need 11 in. x 6.25 in.)
Glue stick

Step 1) Take your peanut butter jar lid and plastic bowl and paint them the same color. Let dry.

Step 2) Carefully cut a hole into the bottom of the peanut butter jar. Tie two knots at the end of your rope or ribbon and thread them through the hole, creating a handle.

Step 3) Cut a similar sized hole through your plastic bowl and thread the rope or ribbon through it as well. This will be the cover for your lantern!

Step 4) Now that your peanut butter lid is dry, add a small dot of velcro to the center and the other side of the velcro to your flameless tea light. Once the tea light is secure, screw the lid back on. (Whenever you want to turn off your tea light, simply remove the jar lid and then replace!)

Step 5) Now it’s time to decorate your lantern! Cut your parchment paper so it fits inside your lantern. You may need to use two layers to get the paper to keep its shape.

Step 6) Cut or tear different shapes of tissue paper (get creative!) and glue them to the parchment paper. When it’s dry, place the parchment paper back into your lantern and replace the lid.

Now that you have your lantern, all you need is a tent!


Storytime: Oliver & Hope's Adventure Under the Stars 
Activity 1: Build a tent 

Rope (10-15 feet)
2 double bed sheets or larger
4 bricks or rocks
6 clothespins (any clip works)
Picnic blanket

Step 1) Head outside and tie the rope between two trees or poles that are about 10 feet apart. You’ll want to make sure the rope is tied tight and is at least 5 feet high.

Step 2) For the sides of your tent, clip the end of one of the sheets to the rope so that most of the sheet hangs down to one side. Use the second sheet and clip so it hangs down on the opposite side.

Step 3) Pull out the sheets on either side and use the bricks or rocks to weigh down the bottom.

Step 4) Lay the picnic blanket down inside your tent. Happy camping!


Activity 2: Family flashlight tag 
camping activity 2

Hide and seek is much more fun in the dark! Grab a flashlight and choose a player to be “it.” This player uses the flashlight to find and tag other players!

Activity 3: Nature scavenger hunt!
Download worksheet  
ws camping

Next up, Sand dollars!

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