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Adventure Anywhere: Surf's up!

May Week 4: Brought to you by Ride On Surf School

Grab some boardshorts and a towel and take a surfing lesson on the beach or in your backyard! Join Ride on Surf School as they go over all the basics and get you ready for some tubular waves!

Take an at-home surfing lesson with Dylan from Ride on Surf School.
Snack: Graham cracker surfboards  

Graham crackers

Design a surfboard using graham crackers and frosting! To make the surfboard shape, nibble away at the graham cracker so that it looks like a stretched-out oval. Add frosting to decorate the board and enjoy!

Craft: Make toy surfboards 

White foam core board or a dish sponge (make sure it is dry)
Scissors or X-Acto knife
Printable template
Permanent markers
Small toys who would like to learn how to surf

Using the template, trace the surfboard shapes onto the foam board. Carefully cut the shape out with scissors (or parents can use an X-Acto knife). Color your surfboards however you’d like and then let your toys go surfing outside in a bucket or kiddie pool!


Storytime: Unstoppable Me 
Activity 1: Surfing balancing games 

Tennis ball for each participant

Surfers all have one thing in common: great balance! Work on your balance and make your legs stronger with these fun outdoor exercises!

Single leg balance: Standing on one leg helps to strengthen your legs which is important for surfing! Try to balance on one leg for 5 seconds straight. Then try 10 seconds! After some practice, have a contest to see who can stand on one leg the longest! *Add difficulty by closing your eyes!

Single leg balance with ball toss: Stand on one leg again but this time, throw a tennis ball up in the air and catch it! See if you can catch it three times in a row and then switch hands. To make it even harder try throwing the tennis ball against a wall and catching it! *Keep your eyes open at all times for this one!

Activity 2: Word search - Find all of the surfer words!
Download worksheet  
surf search

Next up, Sandcastles!

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