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Okaloosa County Tourist Development Council

Event Application 

Local Event Paid Media: October 1, 2022 - September 30, 2023

(Events in June, July, and August will not be considered)


Application Deadline: September 2, 2022


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Event must spend 50% in matching marketing funds. Describe event's marketing plan and how matching funds will be used (print, digital, social, etc.) and documented for DFWB (vendor invoices, etc.):

What collaborations, if any, does the event have with the local tourism industry (e.g. charter captains, restaurants, attractions, retail) to develop packages to strengthen the economic impact of the event?

I am authorized to submit this Local Event Paid Media request on behalf of my organization and am aware that this request will be reviewed for final approval and is subject to available budget funds. I have completed this application fully and accurately, understand that all information submitted will be used to determine eligibility, and have not misrepresented any information contained herein. If this request is approved, paid media will be placed on my behalf through the Okaloosa County Tourist Development Department. My organization's failure to provide documentation of matching funds, meet deadlines (e.g. creative submission), or reach requisite room nights may result in forfeiture of participation.

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