SMALLab Summer Schedule

SMALLab Summer Schedule (June 2 - September 3)
SMALLab is an embodied learning environment where every learner is up, moving, and collaborating. You'll work together to solve puzzles, create stories and character plots, learn about the world, paint digital masterpieces, and so much more. Watch as our classroom becomes the fraction, letter, molecule, paintbrush, or playing piece in hundreds of educational activities, all aligning with Pre K-12 STEAM curriculum and Common Core standards.

SMALLab is open Wednesday through Friday from 1 to 3 p.m. unless otherwise noted. SMALLab is subject to availability due to summer field trip bookings. Please call to confirm availability or watch this space for any potential closure dates. Access to SMALLab is included with general admission pricing.

Only one family will be allowed in SMALLab at a time for 20-25 minute sessions. Reservations are required. To reserve your family's spot, call 850-664-1261. Reservations are made in 20-25 minute increments so that each family visiting the center has the SMALLab room and experience to themselves. SMALLab wands are sterilized between groups for health safety as well.
SMALLab Learning Courtesy of Impact100 of Northwest Florida