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Sunrises and Sunsets

Watching gorgeous sunrises and sunsets is one of nature’s delights to vacationers. Everyone loves a colorful sunset, and for those who brave an early wake up, an early morning sunrise is a real treat.

Destin-Fort Walton Beach, Florida is a very special spot for sunrises and sunsets. We are a very unique area in that you will always be able to watch the sun rise or set over our beautiful bodies of water. Be that over the Gulf of Mexico or the Bay.

In June, July, and August, the sun will set over the Bay. In the remaining months, you will have a full view of the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.  But of course, anywhere you turn your head, you will be able to see a divine sunrise or sunset, year-round.

We know timing is everything when it comes to catching the perfect sunrise and sunset. Here are average times to catch either throughout the year:

  • January: Sunrise – 6:40 AM Sunset – 5:00 PM

  • February: Sunrise – 6:30 AM Sunset – 5:20 PM

  • March: Sunrise – 6:35 AM Sunset – 7:00 PM (with the time change)

  • April: Sunrise – 6:40 AM Sunset – 7:20 PM

  • May: Sunrise – 6:00 AM Sunset – 7:30 PM

  • June: Sunrise – 5:45 AM Sunset – 7:50 PM

  • July: Sunrise – 5:50 AM Sunset – 7:45 PM

  • August: Sunrise – 6:00 AM Sunset – 7:30 PM

  • September: Sunrise – 6:20 AM Sunset – 7:00 PM

  • October: Sunrise – 6:40 AM Sunset – 6:15 PM

  • November: Sunrise – 6:00 AM Sunset – 4:50 PM (with the time change)

  • December: Sunrise – 6:30 AM Sunset – 4:45 PM

Of course, we have a long list of recommendations for viewing a sunrise or sunset in Destin or Fort Walton Beach. For full viewings over both the Gulf and the Bay we highly recommend Norriego Point, Destin Harbor, or the Gulf Island National Seashore. For full viewings over the bay, Clement Taylor Park or Dewey Destin’s. For a full viewing over the Gulf, we recommend Henderson Beach State Park, Beasley State Park, Okaloosa Island’s beach access points, and The Boardwalk.