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Downtown Fort Walton Beach Shopping

Historic Downtown Fort Walton Beach is charming and filled with lively restaurants, locally owned shops and is within walking distance of waterfront parks, historic sites and museums. It’s family friendly, educational and fun. Ready? Let’s go!

Walkable Downtown

At first glance, it’s easy to see why Historic Fort Walton Beach is popular with locals and vacationers alike. There is great shopping, multiple breweries and bars, a wine bar and a fabulous little coffee shop. Come out on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month for the year-round farmers market with seasonal, farm-fresh produce, food trucks, crafters, and more.

With so many places to gather with friends, talk, watch sports and catch up on the day’s events, Historic Downtown Fort Walton Beach is sure to become your go-to favorite while at the beach.

What’s SUP?

Have you noticed people paddling on stand-up paddleboards while gliding across the calm waters of the Bay? Now you can pick up your own board from a true innovator in the SUP board industry. BOTE, created by the husband and wife team of Corey and Magda Cooper in Destin, has quickly grown from a local company to an internationally recognized brand. How’d they do it? By creating boards that solve problems. Take the Tackle Rac. This neat little invention transforms a SUP into a fishing skiff in seconds and their innovative inflatable boards can go from a backpack to the Santa Rosa Sound within a few minutes — making it effortless to explore on your own terms.

More Sports Gear

Over at Plus Skateshop and Run With It offer you’ll find a vast selection of shoes, surf boards, skateboards and all the gear that goes with getting fit and being adventurous.

Antique and Vintage

It’s easy to get completely lost when searching through the handcrafted, lovely (and sometimes odd) finds at the Buccaneer Gift Shop and De France Antiques & Flea Market. There’s no telling what you’ll come across on these shelves!

Art, Fashion, Beauty

Keep your eye out for beauty and handcrafted design by local artists at Garden Street Fabrics & Design and Artesano Boutique.

Are you looking for a special outfit to enjoy the nightlife? The folks at Liz Fashions will help you look your best. For the full makeover and relaxation experience, check out the beauty, spas and wellness centers in Downtown Fort Walton Beach and treat yourself to a new style, manicure, or massage.

There’s a cool mix of shops for active souls and the curious in Downtown Fort Walton Beach. And don’t forget, since shopping is dog-friendly here, be sure to take your pup by 3 Dogs & a Chick, a fashion and accessories shop for dogs and cats, for a special treat that’s baked with love.