Paddleboard for sand dollars

Want to search for sand dollars in the Gulf? Paddle out to the second sandbar! The sandbar is typically 500 yards out (it moves seasonally) and is about a 2-3 minute paddleboard trip. You'll know you're in the right place when the water is lighter and it's shallow enough that an adult can stand. Once you reach the sandbar, you can dig for sand dollars with your toes or dive down and search with goggles.

The sand dollars won't be white like the ones you see in the store. Instead, these sea urchins are a brown color while they're alive. Please be sure to release all live sand dollars when you're done!

Pro tip: It's best to head to the second sandbar in the morning when the wind is light. Be aware that sand dollars sometimes emit a yellow dye that can stain skin or swimsuits! 

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