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Little Adventure Classes

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What’s a Little Adventure?

A Destin-Fort Walton Beach Little Adventure is a new, bite-sized challenge for families that makes it easy to get outside and get out of their comfort zones.

What’s an Adventure Class?

An Adventure Class is a small-scale workshop designed to give passionate locals the opportunity to share water culture with kids. These classes are mini-events, generally 60 minutes, that introduce kids to adventures and give them the confidence to try something new. We’ve done paddleboarding, surf fishing and stargazing! What’s your passion?

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Are the Adventure Classes free?

These intro adventures are free to families, but you get paid! As a part of this new pilot program, the Tourism organization is compensating instructors for your expertise and time to guide the class. You’ll be able to lean on a staffed marine biologist to develop your custom pop-up and have extra Scout hands to help you conduct them.

Where are the classes held?

Adventure Classes are held on the water’s edge and generally anchored by a beach Outpost. So far, most classes have been conducted on the beach to excite kids about something new in a comfortable location. However, we are looking to expand and run more "off the beaten track" adventures.

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Little Adventure Classes

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“We did it because it’s the right thing to do to support our community. It wasn’t an imposition and it let us do what’s best for the customer.”

-Local Restaurant Owner

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Perfect for moms who want to work virtually and help get kids outside.


Perfect for passionate water-lovers who enjoy being outside on the beach.


Perfect for small business owners who want to get in front of more families and help kids.