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What’s an Online Scout?

Every Little Adventures Scout is a local guide. They are responsible for introducing and connecting families to Little Adventures through online content, Packs and Classes. Their goal is to give families opportunities to try new things on the water and point families to less crowded areas to discover.


An Online Scout is a local mom who does this in the online chat or Facebook Messenger app.

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What’s a Little Adventure?

A Destin-Fort Walton Beach Little Adventure is a new, bite-sized challenge for families that makes it easy to get outside and get out of their comfort zones.

Who makes a good Online Scout?

Do you love the water and going on adventures with your kids? Are you always looking for new, cool spots or challenges to tackle as a family? Are you comfortable communicating in text and social media? If you said yes to these questions then you would make a great Online Scout! We want to introduce you to Little Adventures so you can help other families plan their next one.

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Interested but have questions or want to talk it through?

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“We will be returning next year and will contact the website to find out everything you’re offering because experiences with Little Adventures was the best part of our trip”


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Perfect for moms who want to work virtually and help get kids outside.


Perfect for passionate water-lovers who enjoy being outside on the beach.


Perfect for small business owners who want to get in front of more families and help kids.