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Kitchen Table Moments

Life at home is hectic. You have work, the kids have school, and the house needs to be cleaned – again. There are things on your mind and it’s hard to step back and carve out a few minutes as a family. Add in after-hours work events or school extracurriculars and it’s a wonder you ever see the people you live with!

Vacation is an escape. An escape from the hustle of your every day; from chasing deadlines and juggling schedules. Vacation is a time to take a deep breath, and enjoy a slower pace and some much needed time with those most special to you.

Nothing makes people slow down and savor their time together quite like a great meal. You see it all the time; family members gathered around a kitchen island snacking as the main course is prepared on a holiday. But moments like that aren’t just reserved for holidays, you can capture that here in Destin - Fort Walton Beach, too.

While our restaurants are spectacular, and you should visit as many as possible, we also encourage you to plan a quiet meal or two surrounded by just your favorite people. If you are staying in a condo or beach home, take advantage of that full kitchen to cook up your family’s favorite snacks and dinner. Open a great bottle of wine and encourage everyone to snack early and talk late with no worries of homework, deadlines, soccer practice or any of life’s other extras and interruptions. 

Staying in a hotel, B&B or parked at an RV site? You can still create a kitchen table moment with your family, minus the traditional kitchen or table, of course. Grab a to-go order from one of our great restaurants and then visit one of our lovely parks or plan a beach picnic. Restaurants such as those at The Boardwalk or along the harbor make it easy to get your food and then find a quiet place to wind away the hours. The addition of bathing suits and some lively outdoor games will surely keep the laughter going well past the unforgettable sunset you will enjoy.