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Why The Island Pier is a great place to learn to fish

A First Fishing Experience Unlike Any Other

The waters of Destin and Fort Walton Beach, Florida have some of the best fishing you’ll ever find. Their location enables deepwater ocean fish to venture closer to shore in their pursuit of food. Dropping a line into schools of pelagic fish less than a mile from shore makes spending a day at the The Island Pier a worthwhile experience for the first-time fisherman. The only drawback is you might have to keep coming back! Very few places in the U.S. offer such ideal year-round fishing. That’s why Destin is known as the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village.”

A License to Fish

No fishing license? Don’t sweat it! At The Island Pier, your entry fee buys you everything you need to flip open your bail, drop a line, and fish the Florida Panhandle’s pristine Gulf waters. The cost of admission ranges from five to eight dollars ($5-$8) based on age, but children five years old and younger are invited to fish for free! Annual fishing passes are also available for $255.

Not fishing today? You may find yourself tagging along while your friends and family fish or just want to take a walk down the pier. Spectators are always welcome and encouraged. For only a dollar, anyone can take a 1262-foot stroll on Okaloosa Island Pier over the Gulf and experience its spectacular view of the Okaloosa Island Boardwalk.

No Rod, No Bait, No Problem!

Most first time fishermen don’t travel with fishing gear in mind when they go on vacation, and that’s okay! The Island Pier provides rental equipment ranging from rods, tackle, and even bait. Cut bait is sold for under five dollars ($5). Equip your rig with squid, shrimp, or cigar minnows to make your hook more appetizing to any local catch. Rod rentals range from seven to eight dollars depending on rod size.

Tricks of the Trade from Fellow Fishermen

Fishing rewards the angler who hooks the fish, but at the end of the day, everyone benefits from someone else landing a catch. The thrill of a screaming reel and a rod tip bent at an 80-degree angle as a monster fish is pulled up to the pier gets everyone’s heart pounding and adrenaline racing. It’s the universal sign of knowing that this is a good place to fish.

But how does The Island Pier fishing help you become a better angler? The fishermen who frequent The Island Pier are seasoned fishing veterans with decades of wisdom. Many share their knowledge with amateur anglers aspiring to be better fishermen. Fishermen are passionate about their love of the sport. It’s the love of the sport that makes most of the fishermen want to share their wisdom with newcomers.

What Makes Okaloosa Island Pier the Best Choice

What makes fishing from the Island Pier more convenient than chartering a boat trip? The answer is being so close to shore. When you’re out on a boat, your only choices for food are what you bring with you or what’s provided by the crew. At The Island Pier, hungry anglers are less than a mile from lots of good food. Get tasty burgers at Al’s Burger Bar. Or if a variety of fish, chicken, and beef tacos are more to your liking, try Rockin’ Tacos. For dessert, go Italian with the many delectable flavors at Pino Gelato.

The other aspect of the pier’s proximity to shore is lodging. Newman-Dailey has several rentals on Okaloosa Island with views of the pier, boardwalk, and other attractions.

So come visit The Island Pier and cast your line into the Gulf of Mexico to see what you can catch!

Events in Destin-Fort Walton Beach

It’s always the best time of the year to visit Destin-Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Mild temperatures and warm gulf waters make the area enjoyable no matter the season. And with a running lineup of exciting local events and festivals, there’s always something to do in Destin-Fort Walton Beach!

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