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Geocaching Trail

Explore Destin - Fort Walton Beach while you experience the fun of Geocaching! Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt using GPS-enabled devices. Adventurers navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find containers called "geocache" or "caches" hidden at that location. The caches are at minimum a container with a log book inside. Some geocaches contain little trinkets that you can take when you visit the cache and keep or trade at the next cache you visit.  

Okaloosa County Geocaching Trail

Go geocaching in various Okaloosa County Parks! While supplies last, a custom trackable Okaloosa County Geocache Trail coin will be given to people who complete all trail requirements:

  • A geocache has been placed in several of the Counties public parks. Find and log a minimum of 20 of the geocaches on the Okaloosa County Geocache Trail
  • You must find 4 Okaloosa County Geocache Trail geocaches in each quadrant of the county for a total of 16 geocaches
  • Plus, 4 other Okaloosa County Geocache Trail caches from any quadrant on the list
  • Each cache contains a code which you must write in the Okaloosa County Geocache Trail passport. To get your passport, visit The Geocache Trail
  • Once passport is complete, turn it in to receive your trackable coin
  • The caches can also be found under the username Okaloosa County BCC on For more information on this trail, click here.
  • Log each cache found on your account and upload a picture taken near each cache.
  • Submit your passport at any OCPLC library