Gulf Coast Diving & Snorkeling

The 100-Fathom Curve draws nearer to Destin than to any other spot on the Gulf Coast, making Destin - Fort Walton Beach, FL among the top five destinations in the world for shelling. The deepwater here also attracts one of the widest arrays of marine life in Florida. Come explore artificial reefs, wrecks and a limestone shelf at depths of up to 90 feet. Many local dive shops offer lessons, certification classes and a variety of excursion itineraries including beginner and advanced PADI training. The East Jetty Pass houses a popular spot for most dive courses and training as well as sightseeing underwater for dozens of local underwater species such as flounder, dolphin, sea turtles and various tropical fish. 

Snorkeling is a great way to view our underwater ecosystem. Destin Snorkel has snorkeling tour options such as SNUBA. SNUBA lets you explore underwater to depths of 20 feet deep while breathing for twenty to thirty minutes uninterrupted.  A SNUBA excursion is safe for anyone 8 years of age or older and in good health.  You will see marine life not accessible via snorkeling and the tour is guided by a certified dive instructor. Among other tours that offer snorkeling is a cruise aboard Cattywampus. Cattywampus offers a three-hour catamaran voyage where you can stop to snorkel for sand dollars and view marine life.

For certified divers, diving off the coastlines of Destin and Fort Walton Beach, Florida offers hundreds of dive sites. Charters are available for entry-level to advanced divers to natural reefs, wrecks and artificial reefs. The local reefs host a variety of marine animals for an exciting dive experience. Board a charter that will take you offshore for deepwater dives. Destin’s wreck alley is about 16 miles wide and holds about 16 vessels to explore. 

“Miss Louise” is one of the most popular dive attractions for those who want a novice to intermediate diving experiences. The push tug was sunk and made into an artificial reef in 1997 and is surrounded by more than 60 feet of water, making it an amazing and educational experience for families and friends that want to view their first shipwreck in safe depth waters. What's better about this wreck is that it houses large marine life such as the Goliath grouper and even a chance to spot whale sharks!  Our natural limestone reefs are great for lobster hunting and spearfishing. East Jetty in Destin is a favorite spot among snorkelers and divers. The rocks can attract reefs and larger recreational fish.   

A stop into a local dive shop will provide a wealth of information for you to discover dive and snorkeling options, as well as access to popular brands, high-quality equipment and literature. Give snorkeling or diving a try and start to begin your underwater adventure in Destin and Fort Walton Beach! 

Destin - Fort Walton Beach, FL is without a doubt a great destination for an underwater adventure so get your mask, breathing apparatus or just a fun and snorkel and dive in!



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