Discover Mermaiding

Ever dreamed of becoming a mermaid? It’s time to make that dream a reality.

No need for experience with snorkeling or diving, as long as you’re comfortable in the water and can swim, you can safely enjoy this fin-tastic adventure. The Discover Mermaiding experience begins with Captain Jon, “the Merman,” introducing you to the basics of monofin and swimming underwater like a mermaid in a controlled environment, such as a pool or knee-deep water.

As a PADI Mermaid instructor, Captain Jon will teach you the skills and tricks for making the most of your mermaiding experience, as well as share his deep passion for protecting our shared waterways. And of course, you’ll get a unique photo opp to prove to everyone that you swam like a mermaid.

TIP: Before taking your mermaiding class, try practicing (and watching) swimmers doing the “dolphin kick.” To get a feeling for the motion of the mermaid kick, start off on your back.