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Snorkeling with a guide

Hop on a boat and have a seasoned captain show you all the best snorkeling spots to see marine life in the Gulf and Choctawhatchee Bay.

For little ones, a morning trip on the Cattywampus is ideal, providing enough space to bring a stroller onboard and avoid the heat of the afternoon sun before arriving at the first of two locations. The crystal-clear waters surrounding you combined with the white sand make spotting sea life very easy, and locations like the East Jetty, a man-made rock structure located off Holiday Isle, attract small-to-medium sized aquarium fish such as brightly colored damsels. For those that are starting to feel a bit more comfortable, the deeper water offers a glimpse at larger fish like flounder, barracuda, and on occasion turtles hanging out near the rocks of the jetty. The area is as shallow as the beach, or as deep as you’re comfortable venturing.

For those spending the afternoon onboard with Destin Snorkel you’ll also have an opportunity to explore a grass flats area in the bay (just off Clement Taylor Park), affectionately referred to as the “baby nursery of the sea.” This unique ecosystem is home to some of the smallest, and most intriguing sea creatures including sea horses, hermit crabs, blue crabs, and living shells. Grab a net and start searching as little ones enjoy spotting sea life that is just their size, and everyone in the family delights in the treasures (shells anyone?) and creatures that the experienced crew will happily point out.

The water in the flats is as shallow as 3 feet and as deep as approximately 10 feet. The fun continues back on board as your captain will likely cruise through the Destin Harbor to see the world-famous fishing fleet and the area’s most popular residents, dolphins!

TIP: Your snorkel guides will supply all the equipment you need for a great snorkeling adventure, but most don’t offer or sell snacks. Feel free to bring a cooler with food, kids snacks and beverages!

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