Beginner charter fishing in the Gulf

Ready for the excitement of fishing out on the Gulf but want a shorter trip for new fisherman or younger kids?

During a nearshore fishing charter you’ll do just that, stay nearshore–always in sight of land! This means there’s less travel time, more fishing time and no time for boredom. Your trip will be customized based on your family’s experience level and interests. Captain Josh and the team at Destin Inshore Guides like to begin by explaining the different types of fish you’ll reel in and the different ways of catching fish (like trolling or bottom fishing). If you’re a family of animal lovers, lifelong locals like Captain Nick Kirby of Scallywag Charters can help you fish while also teaching you about the wildlife around you and ways to preserve the ecosystem. Charters that specialize in beginner trips will use light tackle, ideal for newbies, to reel in red snapper, grouper, Spanish mackerel and more. Most charters promote catch and release, but you’re welcome to keep fish you do reel in, within regulation.

TIP: Ask your captain if they offer a fish-cleaning service so you can enjoy all your hard work. You’ll be surprised by how even picky eaters might enjoy eating a meal they caught themselves!