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Explore the beach at night


After the sun sets, the beach is a whole new playground! The entire family will love discovering the nocturnal creatures and tide pools that don’t come out during the day. (Plus, who doesn’t love flashlight tag?) Bring a bucket and some red flashlights (the red light protects local sea turtles) and search for ghost crabs scurrying across the sand.


You can pick up a free red filtered flashlight during turtle season (March through October) at the following locations: Destin City Hall, The Destin Chamber of Commerce, Destin History & Fishing Museum, Emerald Coast Science Center, Henderson Beach State Park, Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park and Destin-Fort Walton Beach Welcome Center (available in May).


Tip from our locals: Ghost crabs will often freeze when you shine your flashlight on them. Carefully scoop the ghost crab up with a net and always release them after saying hello!

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